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Ensuring the Safety of Baby Food and Formula with Peco InspX X-Ray

Pioneering Safety in Infant Nutrition Products

In the highly sensitive sector of infant nutrition, ensuring product safety is paramount. Peco InspX, a leader in advanced inspection technology, offers X-ray systems that are specifically designed to enhance the safety and integrity of baby food and formula. These systems are adept at inspecting both glass jars of baby food and metal/composite cans of baby formula, verifying that the products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


Comprehensive Inspection for Glass Jars and Metal Cans

Peco InspX X-ray systems are effective in detecting contaminants and defects in various packaging formats. For baby food in glass jars, these systems can identify foreign materials and structural defects in the glass that might compromise the product’s safety. Similarly, for baby formula in metal or composite cans, the systems can detect any physical contaminants or issues like dents and seam defects that could affect the formula’s integrity.


Collaboration with Leading Manufacturers

Peco InspX is proud to collaborate with some of the largest baby food and formula manufacturers in the world. This partnership underscores the trust and reliance these manufacturers place on Peco InspX’s technology to safeguard their production lines. By ensuring that these critical products are free from contaminants and defects, Peco InspX plays a vital role in protecting infants and maintaining the trust of millions of parents globally.


A Commitment to Child Safety

The safety of children is a responsibility that Peco InspX takes very seriously. The company’s X-ray inspection systems are designed with the utmost precision and care to ensure that every jar of baby food and every can of baby formula that passes through the production line is thoroughly inspected. This commitment to safety helps prevent potential hazards that could arise from contaminated or compromised products.


A Trusted Partner in Infant Nutrition Safety

Peco InspX X-ray inspection systems are a cornerstone in the pursuit of safety in the infant nutrition sector. By working with leading manufacturers to secure their production lines, Peco InspX ensures that the food and formula consumed by the youngest and most vulnerable members of society are safe and of the highest quality. This dedication to safety and quality makes Peco InspX a trusted partner for baby food and formula manufacturers around the globe.

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