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Distilled Beverage Inspection

distilled beverage

Distilled beverage inspection has its own unique set of challenges. Read this blog to learn more about the challenges faced in distilled beverage inspection and how technology overcomes these difficulties.

Unlike most other beverages that come in the same basic shaped containers like cans and bottles, distilled beverages typically come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These uniquely shaped containers are also often asymmetrical, having handles or other embellishments on only one side of the container.

Historically, these asymmetrical odd shaped containers have created difficulties in the X-ray inspection process. However, recent advances in glass inspection software have made it so that advanced glass inspection systems, like those provided by Peco InspX, have no trouble inspecting one-hundred percent of the container and making clear distinctions between the product, container, and contaminants.

Another challenging aspect of distilled beverage inspection is product measurement, or how much product is actually going into the containers. In less advanced applications a fill level monitor is used to check the height of the product in the container. This may work well for other applications where the containers are all the same exact shape and size, such as cans. However, due to the nature of glass container production, there are always slight variations in the thickness of the bottom and walls of the container.

This variation in container size can cause containers to be filled with the improper amount of product resulting in false rejects and loss of revenue. The solution to this problem is a complete volumetric calculation. The X-ray system is able to measure the exact volume of product that is in the container, ensuring the right amount of product going out, each and every time.

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