high speed x-ray inspection

High Speed X-ray Inspection

Efficiency is important for manufacturers of food and beverage products. Many production lines move very quickly with speeds of up to 1600 cpm (Containers Per Minute). When containers are moving this quickly this can create difficulties in the X-ray inspection process.


Many X-ray inspection machines are not capable of uniquely identifying each glass container when they are pressed against each other and moving at high speeds. In order to deal with high-speed glass inspection applications, many X-ray inspection systems require the containers to have a specific amount of spacing in between each product. This spacing allows less sophisticated X-ray inspection machines to more easily distinguish glass containers from each other.

For these inspection systems, the spacing is essential for proper inspection. However, when production lines are moving at high speeds, it can be very difficult to create gaps between every single container. A failure to create a gap will result in two containers being improperly inspected, and likely falsely rejected.

Peco InspX Glissando series machines have the latest inspection technology that allows for 100% of the container to be inspected, at high speeds, even when the glass containers are touching. The Glissando machines are capable of this high speed, gap-free, full container X-ray inspection without any type of trade-off or sacrifice.

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