Cold Environment

Overcoming Environmental Challenges in X-ray Inspection

Challenging environments such as freezing temperatures, high humidity, and scorching heat can place difficulties on both people and technology. Peco Inspx employs a unique set of solutions to help make sure all of its machines operate well under any environmental conditions.

Firstly, Peco Inspx has an environmental test chamber that is capable of simulating any climate that machines might be subjected to. The chamber is capable of producing temperatures well below freezing, to over 60 degrees Celsius, and 100% humidity. All machines designed by Peco Inspx go through this extreme environment testing to ensure that they can operate correctly in a variety of conditions.

Secondly, Peco Inspx offers high and low-temperature packages that monitor important conditions such as humidity, condensation, component temperature, and air cabinet temperature. These packages ensure that all components are within appropriate operating conditions, and will notify engineers if anything is outside of these ranges. These systems are in place to make sure that even if conditions go to extremes when no person is around to observe them, the technology will be able to identify the abnormal condition and report to detection systems and provide the opportunity to prevent the problem before it can spread to production.

The combination of the rigorous environmental tests, and the high and low-temperature packages ensure that in case some extreme condition is presented, Peco Inspx machines will be able to operate smoothly or identify if conditions become outside the range of efficient operation.

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