Pail and Large Container Inspection

Many of you use metal detectors for these kinds of applications – large pails made of plastic or metal. The challenge with those applications is that big things moving through metal detectors don’t generate good results. A big magnetic field can’t easily find small contaminants.

In the past, X-ray inspections have been off-limits for these because normally you do a top-down style inspection, so there wasn’t a lot of power to examine the bottom of the container.

But Peco InspX is pleased to introduce our Dual-Beam X-ray Pail Inspector that will revolutionize the ability to inspect these kind of containers. You can now check them for fill levels, head space, and, of course, foreign material – finding down to about 2.5 millimeters of stainless steel. That’s three to four times more powerful than using a metal detector for this kind of application.

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