Offering More than X-rays

Peco InspX offers more than high-quality X-ray inspection. We have a list of core offerings that ensure you have the best experience with your inspection machines and equipment.

Some of you are long familiar with Peco InspX’s control and its fine set of fill level monitors, dud detectors, and ejectors. But if you aren’t – and if you want quality, American-made equipment with the best service in the business – call Peco.

If you have can applications and you want to check to make sure you’ve got a good, even seal, we’ve got an excellent dud detector: our VacTrac 3. It includes vacuum verification for cans and pressure verification for pull tab containers.

If you have a fill level application and you want to measure your fill level monitor – and you’ve got an old Gamma system that’s ready for recycling – we’ll get you a brand-new FillTrac. It detects fill level differences down to 1 mm in fluid height and accurately measures over and underfill. That system is state-of-the-art: it has a touch screen interface and is continuously supported by real-time remote support capabilities.

In fact, all of the Peco InspX systems include remote support. That means when you have an issue, we can log into the machine and we fix those problems without ever coming to your office.

And if you need a part: 100% of our parts are in-stock, and you can get them with next day delivery.

The final part of the core Peco InspX offerings is our ejectors. We design and make them in the USA; we have the broadest lineup of anybody in the business; and those are also readily available. In addition, we have custom engineering solutions: if you have a unique inspection requirement, just let us know.

So don’t tolerate poor service, obsolete machines, or problems with basic applications. Give us a call!

To learn more, contact Peco InspX.

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