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Peco InspX’s Latest X-Ray Imaging Offers Superior Bone and Foreign Material Detection

Peco InspX announced several ongoing innovations for improved foreign material inspection of tuna at the Americas Tuna Conference in Panama City, Panama.

Peco InspX has well established the extreme efficacy of its X-Ray inspection systems in tuna applications for detecting bones and even chunks of tuna skin. Peco systems are used in high-speed tuna canning (with speeds in excess of 1000 cans per minute) and pouch applications and reliably detect bones as small as 2 mm X 3 mm. “Our detailed technology presentation at the Americas Tuna Conference shows both our strong commitment to the tuna industry and our continued heavy investment in research and development,” remarked Hamish Wiig, Peco InspX’s Vice President of Global Sales.

Peco InspX’s new SHIELD X-Ray systems for rigid containers offer a material reduction in imaging noise (with a noise reduction of up to 70%) over previous systems, which allows for materially improved detection of smaller contaminants. The SHIELD side-view systems for can inspection also continue to leverage the company’s high-performance 600W X-Ray tube, which gives Peco InspX systems the highest signal to noise ratio of any side-view X-Ray, which means better detection and lowers false rejects. The SHIELD architecture leverages the latest version of Peco-InspX’s powerful inspection software that inspects both for container deformities as well as for the presence of foreign material.

Additional innovations for the inspection of raw tuna were also presented. “Raw tuna inspection provides tremendous opportunities for improved detection of lower density bones and other foreign material due to the lower speed and associated reduction in required X-Ray imaging power,” remarked Wiig. Dual-energy X-Ray systems specifically are well suited to the detection of low-density contaminants in tuna loins.

For more information on how advances in X-Ray technology can improve the detection of foreign material in your tuna operations, please contact Mark Sheparovich at or visit

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