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Peco’s Latest Glass in Glass X-Ray System Inspects 1 Gallon Glass Jars with Ease

Peco InspX, the world’s leading authority on high-performance glass container X-Ray systems is pleased to announce its revised Glissando Plus X-Ray inspection platform. The Glissando Plus is specifically engineered to inspect large containers such as full US gallon sizes and this machine is the only commercially available offering that can handle this sized container.

“Many consumer food products and foodservice offerings come in 1-gallon glass or PET containers. Until the availability of the Glissando Plus, it was impossible to inspect 100% of these products for foreign material – another challenge was that for the areas that could be X-Ray inspected with existing equipment, the quality of imaging was so poor that it was difficult to detect meaningfully sized foreign material,” remarked Mark Sheparovich, VP of US Sales for Peco InspX.

The Glissando Plus’ unique twin 600 W X-Ray tube configuration allows it to cover 100% of any gallon-sized container and Peco InspX’s specialized inspection software ensures strong detection of foreign material even when the product has voids due to air pockets. It is not unusual for the Glissando Plus to find glass down to 3.0 mm – 4.0 mm SLG and metal down to 1.2 mm SS in the base of a 1-gallon container. Additionally, the Glissando Plus images the FULL container – which ensures that 100% of the product is inspected. “It just doesn’t make sense to make a significant investment in an X-Ray inspection system and not have 100% assurance that the product is defect-free.”

“Peco InspX has significant experience with large container pickle inspection in both PET and glass containers. Customers are often surprised how well our machines can pick up foreign material such as stones and other contaminants in the individual cucumbers within the large container at an extremely low false reject rate – for many customers every one of their rejects is indeed a contaminant. Customers are now adding our bulk X-Ray systems at the point where raw cucumbers can be inspected to remove foreign material as efficiently as possible,” added Sheparovich.

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