SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA —September 1, 2015 — Peco InspX is pleased to announce enhancements to its Crescendo side-view X-Ray inspection platform that give it class-leading fill-level and headspace measurement capabilities. Because of the unique x-ray imaging geometry of the Crescendo system, this machine is able to offer the most accurate fill-level measurement capability on the market. Furthermore, enhancements to our headspace monitoring software allow the customer the ability to detect changes in the headspace that may be caused by underperforming filling equipment. Our unique software dynamically calculates headspace, while accounting for variability in carton folding and compensating for low-viscosity liquids that may be moving during the inspection. Typical fill level inspection cannot accurately measure headspace with modern applications and new packaging formats.

Identifying these problems early on allows customers to reduce waste and optimize their retorting operations. ScanTrac Crescendo can accurately detect headspace in various containers including steel and aluminum cans, glass and plastic bottles, jars and cartons and at speeds up to 2000 CPM.

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