SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA —September 1, 2015 — Peco InspX is pleased to announce updates to its Allegro top-down x-ray inspection platform. The Allegro is a 450 mm wide top-down inspection platform with a 254 mm high aperture opening, allowing the machine to accommodate a wide variety of package types. The most recent Allegro hardware and software updates are focused on making the machine easier to use and to give it enhanced inspection capability.

A 17” touchscreen is now standard on the Allegro – which is the largest touchscreen monitor in this class of top-down x-ray inspection machines. This monitor makes the Allegro extremely easy to use – even when wearing gloves! InspX has also optimized the user interface for the large screen, which means all relevant user functions are all on one screen. Finally, the Allegro’s large monitor also allows superb viewing of reject images to get maximum insight into reject information.

The Allegro is also now available with an optional IP69K compliant cabinet and a fully sanitary conveyor. This makes the machine ideal for the most demanding sanitary and washes down environments.

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