FREMONT, CALIFORNIA —May 19, 2015 — Peco InspX believes that details matter when providing great customer service. The company’s goal is to deliver an excellent experience at every single point where we interact with customers, including order placement, machine delivery and installation, training, field service and even invoicing. Peco InspX wants to be an outstanding business partner and do everything possible to facilitate the success of our customers. Our ultimate goal is to define best in class customer experience for companies that serve the food and beverage industries.

Therefore, Peco InspX is making major investments in process development and systems automation to ensure that working with us is just as easy as with top consumer products companies. The company is also making additional investments in usability engineering to ensure that our products are easy to use and maintain. Finally, Peco InspX continues to add local service locations in the United States, Canada, and Europe to ensure that local parts and service technicians are there when our customers need them.

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About Peco Controls and InspX LLC

Peco InspX Corporation and InspX Corporation are leading providers of advanced technology inspection solutions for the food and beverage industries. With headquarters in San Carlos, CA, the company serves customers around the world and inspects over 120 million food and beverage containers daily. The company specializes in accurate high-speed package inspection in machines that are easy to use with a low cost of ownership.