FREMONT, CALIFORNIA —October 23, 2014 — InspX is pleased to announce its ScanTrac Allegro X-Ray inspection system for packaged products. The Allegro stands out in the marketplace for its excellent contaminant detection, high speeds, low power consumption, and affordability.

The design of Allegro is tailored to be the most versatile machine in its class. With an aperture that supports packages up to 10” tall and up to 18” wide, this machine will deliver excellent contaminant detection and content verification across a wide variety of industries and applications. Our updated design features sloped surfaces for easy cleaning, and an intuitive layout that makes both using and servicing the machine simple. This updated design, coupled with a highly efficient 100 watt X-Ray tube gives Allegro the lowest total cost of ownership in its class.

Allegro is available with special hardware and software features to dynamically adjust maximum detection performance for each package type being inspected. This, coupled with the standard air conditioner, make this machine suitable for any production environment.

Like all ScanTrac systems, Allegro is designed to provide high inspection performance in a package that is both easy to use and inexpensive to own. Allegro offers InspX’s advanced remote diagnostic capabilities that allow for 95% of field issues to be fixed remotely and immediately.

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