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Unrivaled Glass Inspection System from Peco InspX

We inspect a lot of glass. No really – a lot of glass and glass products.

We inspect the fastest, most difficult glass lines in the world. Our fastest speeds are 1,600 bottles per minute! Biggest container: one U.S. gallon.

We work with glass manufacturers and end-customers to make sure their product is defect-free. This is to ensure we understand the ins-and-outs of the glass making process; things like mold variation, and container handling. The net effect is a fully designed system that exceeds specifications.

But what makes us different from our competitors?


Flexible Machine Architecture

We have two basic types of glass inspection architecture:

  1. Trio series that uses over-the-conveyor contactless design
  2. Glissando series that looks through the conveyor

Both machines do full container inspection: we can tell you if the cap is properly on; the fill volume; inspection of the container itself; if there are any foreign contaminants.

  • Trio Series: Contactless Design

One benefit of the contactless design is that it’s very easy to install. These systems use a multi-beam geometry to look around the container punt on the bottom. It’s high speed and easy-to-use.

  • Glissando Series: Look-Down Systems

This has an X-ray transparent belt in its system; you get a container transfer and the machine looks down through the bottom.

What makes this system unique is its immense flexibility. When you have multiple products and you need to change over, all you do is change which recipe you’re running. There are no other change parts in either the Glissando or Trio series.

Imaging Technology

We are the only manufacturer that uses a metal ceramic tube in our systems. That creates high-contrast that makes it easy to get immense detail without generating false rejects.

For example: we’re able to find a 2.5 mm sphere in the container at a false reject rate of about 1 to 2 out of 18,000 containers. We know – that’s pretty exceptional.

That’s a result of the imaging technology and software we use.


Glass containers are unique in that each one comes from a different mold and has different properties. It’s very important to be able to track the container from the product and see if you have anything left. That’s the conceptual way that you generate results with minimal false rejects. It’s not easy to do.

We have experts in Silicon Valley with 40 years of experience writing software – and they just work on glass systems. We use artificial intelligence (A.I.) in our machines to find minute fragments, which makes the machine more likely to find contaminants. It’s not something that anyone else in the marketplace does.


Because our machines have simple designs, but use sophisticated software, they’re reliable. They’re made so that you can maintain them yourself. You can physically change the X-ray tubes without having to get a crane or assist lifter.

Tube life: 25,000 hours of use. We have customers who have over 10-years old in the field and they’re still working great. The warranty backs that type of robust engineering. Our X-ray tube has a 3-year limited warranty: no matter how much you use it, you have a guaranteed warranty of three years.

Our competitors may have a 5-year limited warranty, but it’s pro-rated. That means that if the tube blows up in the 4th year on the 350th day, then you’re buying a new X-ray tube. With our warranty, if the tube blows up even on the last day, it’s covered.

We stand behind our products.

Remote Support

We talk about this in quite a few of our blog posts, but that’s because we’re obsessed with getting you the best support, even if it’s remote.

We have extremely sophisticated instrumentation of the machine that lets us know how it’s performing. With competitors, if you have an internet connection with the machine, they consider it “remotely supported”. But with us, we have a robust analysis and recording capability so we always know how the system is performing.

We have a 24/7 customer support line so that no matter when you need help, someone answers the phone and can run diagnostics no matter where they are.


So if you want high-quality inspection equipment, and you have the most demanding applications, we’re the company to work with.

To learn more about our company, follow us at YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and visit our website.


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