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X-ray Inspection of PET Containers

X-ray Inspection of PET containers presents its own set of unique inspection challenges. This blog serves as a brief summary describing the challenges, and how Peco InspX provides innovative solutions to overcome these challenges.


Typically, PET containers are created by using a blow molding of a PET container blank. This process makes it so that PET containers tend to have a great degree of variability. This variability can make the product difficult to inspect.

This blow molding process also allows for containers to be created with very thin walls, which presents its own set of challenges. Because the containers are so thin, the X-ray image can be easily over-exposed. The part of the container that is nearest to the X-ray source is often “burned out.”

This is problematic because the imaging components of the X-ray machines are not able to inspect 100% of the burned-out sections. If the X-ray image that is produced is not a clear image of the entire container, the X-ray machine is not optimally functioning.

Peco InspX machines utilize an innovative solution to overcome the challenges presented by PET inspection. The primary solution is the use of automatic image compensation software. This software ensures that the entire PET container has the exact same inspection sensitivity, eliminating image burn out. This allows for the imaging software to generate clear X-ray images and allows for the machine to inspect 100% of the container.

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