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FoodPro 2014: Food Manufacturing Event of the Year

Over 8,500 leading professionals in the food packaging sector will attend FoodPro 2014 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre June 22-25. FoodPro is held every three years and is one of the longest running trade shows in Australia, bringing together specialist suppliers, packaging professionals, and food processing technology experts. Over 300 exhibitors will attend, representing manufacturers from all over the world.

Melbourne, Australia hosts FoodPro 2014 June 22-25.

FoodPro 2014 has a global reputation as an event that brings the processing and packaging industry together to establish business ties, solidify existing business relationships, and learn where technology in food manufacturing and processing is headed. Participants consider it the ideal opportunity to take the pulse of the industry and learn how to compete more effectively. The key zones on the convention floor this year will include:

  • Meat and Seafood Processing
  • Beverage Equipment and Technology
  • Ingredients and Additives
  • Packaging and Supplies
  • Processing Machinery and Equipment
  • Food Technology, Testing, and Safety
  • Plant Equipment and Technology

Peco InspX at FoodPro 2014

Peco InspX, industry leader in packaging inspection technology, will have an exhibit at FoodPro 2014, informing food packaging and processing professionals on the latest in cutting edge technology for packaging inspection equipment. Founded in 1953, Peco Controls is an industry leader in no-touch sensing equipment for packagers, bottlers, and fillers. InspX was incorporated in 2000 as a subsidiary of Peco Controls, and is a vanguard in the science and application of x-ray technology in the food and beverage sector. Because the company offers a complete line of sensors, modules, container stops, and diverters to a global marketplace, Peco InspX is a key contributor to and participant in FoodPro 2014.

Package and Product Inspection

As just one example of package inspection technology, the ScanTrac systems made by Peco InspX detect defects and contaminants in metal cans such as glass, bones, stones, and metal. They’re among the most robust x-ray inspection machines available today and are designed to minimize false rejects. Because ScanTrac systems offer exceptional repeatability and are not sensitive to product condition, temperature, or humidity, they’re ideal for finding defects while minimizing labor necessary for addressing false rejects.

X-Ray Inspection Technology

Peco InspX uses x-ray technology for the most effective quality control in food packaging.

X-ray inspection technology is of interest to many of the participants at FoodPro 2014, and Peco InspX supports x-ray inspection applications for metal cans, glass containers, plastics, and boxes. With a small footprint, the ScanTrac Solo, for example, fits over existing conveyor lines with minimal retrofitting required. It offers the best in rigid container inspection performance in an easy-to-install, easy-to-maintain package. Moreover, this particular system can handle conveyor speeds of up to 700 linear feet per minute.

Fill Level Monitors

Fill level inspection is another technology of interest to FoodPro 2014 attendees. The Peco InspX FillTrac can monitor up to 2,400 containers per minute and supports a range of important applications, including

  • Average fill level calculation
  • Headspace verification
  • Label assurance
  • Minimum solids content verification
  • Underfill/overfill inspection

With FillTrac, changes in package weight don’t cause problems, and the system is reliable even in harsh environments. Plus, the FillTrac can be set up in less than one foot of linear space, in contrast, to check weighers, which can require up to 12 feet.

Vacuum Verification Systems

Peco InspX makes the VacTrac system that can verify up to 2,000 containers per minute for container pressure and vacuum. It works by use of an inductive sensor for measuring lid deflection for a container on a line against a reference container. This system has been used to inspect over 10 million containers and counting.

FoodPro 2014 is one of the world’s leading manufacturing events. Taking place once every three years, FoodPro 2014 will be in Melbourne, Australia, where it will host over 8,500 industry leaders. Peco InspX will be there to inform and educate food packaging and inspection technology professionals on products that improve quality control and help them compete more effectively on a global scale.


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