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Interpack 2014: Providing Inspiration For The Packaging Industry

From May 8-14, the world’s leading trade fair, Interpack 2014, takes place in Dusseldorf, Germany. With more than 166,000 trade visitors expected and 2,700 exhibitors from 60 countries in attendance, Interpack 2014 sets the narrative for the packaging industry and related process technologies worldwide. At this trade show, exhibitors present the latest ideas, innovations, and technological visions for the food and beverages industry, cosmetics, consumer goods, and industrial goods.

Interpack 2014 takes place in May in Dusseldorf and is the world’s leading trade fair.

The importance of Interpack 2014 was evident as the exhibitor registration deadline passed in February 2013 with all available spaces in the Dusseldorf exhibition center already booked up. Approximately 174,000 square meters of exhibition space will be filled with visitors, including industry leaders who are eager to learn about the latest in packaging and processing technologies and how these technologies apply in their specific industrial sectors.

Components for Processing and Packaging Parallel Event

For the first time, a parallel event called Components for Processing and Packaging will take place alongside the main Interpack event. Components for Processing and Packaging is aimed primarily at companies engaged in:

  • Drive, control, and sensor technology
  • Industrial image processing
  • Handling technology
  • Automation systems for packaging machinery
  • Industrial software and communication

Approximately 75 companies will participate in this event, which will include a daily lecture forum. Components for Processing and Packaging takes place May 8-10, and Interpack 2014 visitors and exhibitors have access to this event as well.

Peco InspX at Interpack 2014

Peco InspX is a leading provider of packaging inspection systems for the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The combination of rugged construction and leading edge technology has made Peco InspX a global leader in high performance, reliable inspection equipment. Peco InspX is a natural for Interpack 2014, and will have an exhibit in Hall 12 of the Dusseldorf exhibition center. As the leading trade fair for packaging technology leaders in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, consumer goods and industrial goods sectors, Interpack 2014 is the perfect opportunity for leaders in these industries to speak with representatives of Peco InspX and develop powerful new business relationships.

The Food and Beverage Industry at Interpack 2014

Peco InspX has extensive experience in the inspection of bulk products at high speeds, including meat and poultry products, loose items like bread and pies, canned goods, and other conveyed products. Scanning systems like ScanTrac can find a wide range of contaminants in loose materials, including glass, metal, and bones, while allowing quick setup during changeover for inspection of different products. In the beverage industry, Peco InspX offers innovative inspection solutions for metal, glass, and plastic containers, ensuring containers are free of defects, are filled to proper height, and are labeled properly.

Pharmaceuticals at Interpack 2014

Pharmaceutical inspection by Peco InspX ScanTrac x-ray inspection systems verify product content in blister packs, bottles, vials, and kits at high speeds with superior reliability. These inspection technologies can reliably detect missing product components, verify fill levels, identify foreign materials in products, and find voids in cream products. ScanTrac technology can also verify density using product weight of individual components.

The food and beverage industry and the pharmaceutical industry will be two of the top sectors represented at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf this year. World industry leaders will spend a week in May at Interpack 2014 taking in the staggering range of packaging and processing technologies available to them, and Peco InspX will be there, ready to show the world its proven, reliable solutions to today’s product packaging needs.


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