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ScanTrac X-Ray Systems Offer the Most Advanced Safety Systems Available

SAN CARLOS, CALIFORNIA —November 14, 2016 — Peco InspX is pleased to announce the commercial availability of industry-leading Category 4, Performance Level E safety systems on all ScanTrac X-ray systems. Category 4 safety systems offer additional protection over Category 3 systems by using fault-tolerant design principles to ensure that an accumulation of component failures do not result in an unsafe condition.

ScanTrac X-ray systems feature two critical elements to ensure absolute operator safety. First the machines are designed to meet the most rigorous world-wide radiation emissions standards to ensure that operations cannot be exposed to any harmful radiation from the machine itself. Many ScanTrac systems contain a radiation shutter that closes when the inspection system is not inspecting product – which ensures that the X-ray system cannot emit any radiation.

Secondly, the Category 4 safety system ensures that the operator cannot be exposed to radiation even in the event of multiple component failures within the safety system. Continuous monitoring and self-testing of all critical safety input devices ensures that the system is always operating in its safest state. The safety system will immediately shut down the X-ray power source any time a safety zone is entered, which can include the removal of critical internal shielding. In short the safety system ensures that a ScanTrac can only be operated when all critical shielding is in place. The system can also be ordered with optional location key validation, which ensures that safety related parts from one X-ray system cannot be used in another ScanTrac system.

This safety system enhancement is just another example of the continuous improvement approach that Peco InspX builds into all of its products.

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