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Neutraceutical Industry and X-Ray Inspection

A “neutraceutical” is a pharmaceutical alternative with potential physiological benefits; that is, it’s a dietary supplement. It may assist with treating or preventing diseases (except anemia). (Keep in mind, though, that it’s not as regulated as pharmaceutical drugs under the authority of the FDA.)

Neutraceutical falls under the general category of a “health product” and can be derived from a plant, animal, or mineral source. They’re marketed as providing additional benefits to consumers that go beyond what the food or product naturally has (e.g., adding Vitamin D to milk). Examples are vitamins, herbals, “organic” foods, fortified dairy products, antioxidants, and any other dietary supplement.

In 2015, the neutraceuticals market size was approximately $184 million. By 2022, the nutraceuticals market is hypothesized to reach roughly $303 million – close to doubling in size. There’s a significant potential for growth as consumers become increasingly “health conscious”. That means that any companies within the neutraceuticals industry will need to ensure that their product is safe and reputable to stand out within an increasingly crowded market.

To maintain strong brand reputation, your product must obviously be free of contaminants. The safest way to be sure of that is with X-ray inspection technology.

In the attached video, you’ll see high-resolution X-ray images of the inside of a vitamin bag. Each pill has different shading, which makes it easy to distinguish density and type. That in turn makes it easy for us to write a software routine that lets the system learn what the pills should look like. It will count them, remember them, triple-check them, and then ensure that every bag will have the correct and exact amount of pills.

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