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Salad Inspection with X-Ray Technology

At this point, you know we’re proud of our high-resolution X-ray systems – and rightfully so. But today, we want to brag a little about an application many others in the industry can’t say they do: salad inspection.

Lately in the news, there have been reports of chicken salad recalls and E. coli outbreaks in lettuce. That’s pretty scary. What can make this worse is that the contaminants that cause some recalls are really tough to find – with vision systems, X-ray systems, or any others.


A typical salad is now boxed in a “clamshell” (the plastic box containers for salad mixes). Peco InspX, we’re excited to say, is able to create high-resolution X-ray images of clamshells. Not only will you find foreign material you expect to see, but also contaminants that you might be shocked to find.

We image it with enough imaging power to see if there’s metal, glass, or even creatures! Insects, rodents, frogs (yep, frogs), or parts of them can be found in the salad, or even be the same color as the leaves. You can see moldy leaves – they’ll be distinct from the crisp images of fresh leaves.

Traditionally with salad operations, X-ray systems just haven’t worked well. We offer an efficient, easy-to-use solution. We’re very interested in partnering with salad operators to demonstrate how well our technology works.

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