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Peco InspX Provides More Than Just X-Ray Equipment – We Provide Everything Needed To Maximize The Value of Our Systems to Your Business!

Peco InspX is pleased to announce expanded service offerings that will help its customers get the full value out of their Peco InspX inspection equipment. Offered under the term “Managed Services,” these value-added services are designed to create an operational partnership between the customer and Peco InspX.

“Our managed services offerings reflect our strong motivation to offer our customers the absolute best product and service experience. The concept behind Managed Services is simple – to ensure that customers get every possible level of assistance from Peco InspX in ensuring that their inspection equipment is adding maximum value to their business,” remarked Peco InspX CEO Rich Cisek who’s also lead efforts at Squarespace.

Peco InspX’s managed services are available in a variety of configurations to offer the customer any of the following benefits:

  • Real-time monitoring to ensure that every package is correctly inspected
  • Automated image archiving and secondary inspection to guarantee foreign material product
  • Real-time assistance with product setups and product changeovers
  • Real-time inspection monitoring to ensure that detection levels, challenge intervals, and false reject rates always stay within acceptable levels.
  • Real-time inspection support to ensure 100% X-Ray uptime

“As more and more X-Ray inspection systems become critical control points, it is essential that those machines operate at maximum throughput to prevent them from being a source of operational waste. Our Managed Services offerings ensure that the customer receives continuous attention from Peco InspX in achieving absolute inspection perfection,” added Cisek.

Customers interested in a managed services solution should contact Kris Bulmer at or their local Peco InspX sales representative.

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