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Peco’s Allegro Wide Can Handle the Widest Package and Bulk Inspection Applications

Peco InspX is pleased to announce its newest high performance top-down X-Ray inspection system, the SHIELD Allegro Wide. The Allegro Wide combines a tall and wide inspection aperture (250 mm high X 800 mm wide) with high X-Ray power and high-resolution imaging – all at a very affordable price point.

“Our main objective with the Allegro Wide is to provide customers with the maximum detection performance in a package that supports a wide range of product sizes and presentations, including advanced bulk product inspection and multi-lane capability, “ remarked Jay Parekh, Peco InspX’s Vice President of Product Development. This system features a high powered X-Ray generator and a 720mm of inspection width at the belt – this width is exceptionally valuable in high volume bulk product applications, where it is advantageous to minimize the inspected product depth. Similar to other systems in the SHIELD generation, this system was designed with the latest machine sanitary and food safety requirements in mind, resulting in a hygienic design that is easy to maintain.

The SHIELD Allegro Wide is also available with a best-in-class system warranty. Compared to competitive offerings, the warranty on components like the X-Ray generator is not pro-rated – if the generator fails on the last day of the warranty, Peco InspX will replace it at no cost! An indirect advantage of this warranty is that customers have an absolutely known cost of ownership for the first 3 years of having the machine. “During the genesis of the SHIELD platform, we studied the most common failure modes of inspection systems and designed in protection and redundancy, ensuring that all of our equipment sets the benchmark for system availability, reliability, and low cost of ownership,” added Parekh. To further the low cost of ownership, the SHIELD Allegro Wide features the newest generation of Peco’s remote monitoring and diagnostic platform, which simplifies maintenance significantly. With this in place, 95% of customer issues can be successfully resolved quickly by our 24/7 remote support team, sparing customers’ the time and expense of deploying a technician.

The SHIELD Allegro Wide is also available with a wide array of modular rejection devices including air blast, multi-lane lift gate and retractable conveyors. Customers can also get affordable customized solutions via Peco’s Application Engineering team. “There is rarely one product that fits all applications, so we want to ensure that customers get a complete inspection solution as opposed to a generic offering that doesn’t meet all customer requirements,” concluded Parekh.

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