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High Power Peco X-Ray Systems Are Ideal for Demanding Cheese Inspection Applications

PECO INSPX announces a representation agreement with VALCOUR PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES for the commercialization of the Peco InspX X-Ray contaminant detection systems in the U.S. and Canadian cheese production & converting markets.

X-Ray systems provide superior foreign material detection in all forms of cheese (plastic tubs, bags and small and large blocks). More specifically, X-Ray systems can find materially smaller pieces of metal in large cheese blocks than even the most sensitive metal detector. Typical X-Ray system detection for a 40 lb block of cheese will be approximately 1.5 – 2.0 mm 304 Stainless Steel whereas the corresponding minimum size for a metal detector will likely be 6.0mm.

Peco InspX’s high-power Shield Allegro Wide can easily handle 40 lb of cheese with its 250 mm high X 800 mm wide aperture opening. Furthermore, Peco InspX’s imaging innovations reduce “burn through” on the edges of the product, meaning the achievement of consistent detection performance everywhere in the product. False rejects are also a thing of the past on cheese that creates a lot of image noise (such as swiss cheese) due to Peco’s specialized software that “learns” product features (and makes it easy to separate product features from true contaminants) – additional benefits for the Swiss cheese segment include the ability to quantify the extent of eyes within the cheese.

“Our partnership with Valcour Process Technologies underscores our strong commitment to developing world-class solutions for the cheese industry,” remarked Mark Sheparovich, Vice-president for US Sales.

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About Valcour Process Technologies (VPT)

Valcour Process Technologies (VPT) is a process technology solutions provider that specializes in the Cheese Production & Converting Market. Valcour offers Equipment, Systems, and Lines for Cheese Production, Converting, Packaging, and Inspection applications. These process technologies enable improved automation, sustainably, profitably, and food safety.

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