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The Peco InspX Shield Solo and Crescendo Set the Benchmarks for High-Performance Inspection

Peco InspX is pleased to announce advances in its class-leading side view X-ray inspection platform for rigid containers such as metal food cans, composite containers, and metal beverage containers. Peco’s new SHIELD systems retain the core speed and imaging capabilities that make Peco InspX the X-ray system of choice for canning and beverage applications and like all Peco InspX X-ray machines these new systems also retain full container inspection across all container sizes from the smallest can all the way up to a full gallon Number 10 can.

“The performance benefits of these new machines are material, with 20% improvement in detection capability for most contaminant types. Metal detection down to 0.8 mm at full line speeds (of over 2200 containers per minute) and best in class false reject rates of less than 1:20,000 containers. Soda-lime glass detection is down to 2.5 mm SLG. Finally, bone detection remains outstanding – the superior imaging of our X-ray systems allows our systems to reliably detect bones that competitive systems can’t.” remarked Mark Sheparovic, Peco InspX’s Vice-President for US Sales.

Peco InspX has made further improvements to its high-reliability architecture to ensure that machines keep running even under the harshest conditions (Peco InspX is the only X-ray manufacturer with hard data to prove that of our installed base of active machines, the uptime of this population exceeds 99.9%). This very strong availability data is driven by our excellent system design and class-leading remote diagnostic system that allows us to fix 95% of customer issues remotely without a customer visit. This superior service and reliability give Peco InspX the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.

To learn more about Peco InspX side view inspection systems, please visit or contact Mark Sheparovich at

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