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The Solo X Combines Foreign Material Inspection, Sampling and Fill Valve Monitoring Into one Integrated Platform

Peco InspX is pleased to announce a major breakthrough in inspection capability for canning applications: the Solo X. The Solo X combines three key inspection capabilities essential to food canners (and beverage can applications as well): foreign material inspection, automated sampling and filler valve monitoring. At the heart of this system is the SHIELD Solo X-ray inspection system. The Solo provides full X-ray container inspection at the fastest line speeds (up to 2200 containers per minute) and because the Solo sits on top of the existing conveyor to eliminate transfers and ensure seamless operation. The Solo can easily find bone, stones, metal, dense plastics as well as stainless steel and -ray detectable vent tubes.

In addition, the Solo X provides automated filler and seamer sampling that does not disrupt the production process – and down-time from sampling operations represents a major yield improvement opportunity for producers. The SoloX can be programmed for automatic sampling and customers can even purchase an optional printing accessory and print time, filler pocket and seamer head information directly on the container. The Solo X can also provide “on-demand” sampling with the push of a button.

Finally, the Solo X can track the filling performance of each filler pocket/head in real-time and alert to any conditions that indicate the need for immediate maintenance. Product fill can be tracked by weight or volume as is relevant for the application.

“Solo X represents a tremendous value in the X-ray marketplace. For a small premium over a standard X-ray unit, operators can materially reduce sampling and filler maintenance costs,” remark Peco InspX CEO, Ken Jones.

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