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Processed meat recalls rise dramatically as consumers bite down on metal, plastic and glass – Washington Post

A recent Washington Post article underscores the importance of food safety in today’s world and the increasing relevance of our company mission — protection through inspection.

Per the Post story, safety recalls are at a record high. Some of the reasons cited are: a demand for increased production; old equipment being used with parts breaking down; plant workers’ gloves falling into the food and plastic; glass from packaging getting ground into the food.

The downside of having to recall products in these vast quantities is that not all the millions of pounds of product are contaminated. Money; time and reputation are all at stake when it comes to food safety.

Our passion is to create products which can effectively locate unwanted materials at the production level.

X-ray machines and in particular high resolution x-ray offer a way to ensure that your product is thoroughly inspected and that any contamination can be pin-pointed to the specific food package, can or jar — which ensures little to no disruption on your production line.

Some of our solutions are able to inspect and determine bone debris (low-density items usually difficult to detect) anywhere from 0.2 mm to 1 mm wide. Glass up to 3 mm in size can also be effectively detected, as well as other materials such as plastic, rubber and metal. The speed at which items can be inspected is also on the increase.

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